VoIP Capacity Test

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This test example demonstrates how to use the MCS smart UDP Capacity test to accurately validate that a customer network can maintain call quality for the maximum concurrent VoIP calls required. Unlike data bandwidth test that most suppliers use. Because the exact codec disciplines are used for the test, the quality of the network packets and bandwidth demand are simultaneously measured to ascertain, underwrite and report VoIP service quality and the precise number of calls that can be supported on a shared network.

The MCS test solicits the number of concurrent calls required prior initiation to set the capacity load to meet the minimum requirements to sustain the call volume. The test generates both the packet rate for the bandwidth demand unlike data bandwidth tests. The test automatically can include the required bandwidth headroom to underwrite performance and quality when bandwidth is shared with a host of unknown applications. This allows the definition of VoIP quality to defined to ensure that the test automatically stops when the VoIP quality for packets and delay are breached. To isolate interference from unplanned random traffic activity, this test will also auto reconfirm a breach of quality and continue. On termination, the test reports the exact call volume attained for the codec selected.