Bandwidth Test

This test is designed to reveal the true bandwidth of a connection, not what the ISP claims. Most Internet speed tests report the bandwidth attained even if it was for just 5% of the data and many ISPs promote these tests for obvious reasons.. The user experience is all the data not part of the data.  The test takes either a Mbps setting or a Percentile setting. For example, entering 100Mbps will reveal what percentage of the packets managed to achieve 100Mbps. Entering 80% will reveal the bandwidth for 80% of the data. Learn More

If a test fails to reach the bandwidth specified the test will report the closest high value. If a connection is regulated on a higher bandwidth service (common on cable or Fiber connections) data can burst at a greater bandwidths. Selecting a percentile lower than 100% will show this. Regulated connections usually have the most problems (same principles traffic lights on the road).

Entering a target bandwidth value will override target percentile, if defined.

Target Bandwidth (1-1000) Mbps


Target Percentile (1-100) %